Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun with Food

We have been playing with food lately.  I recently discovered bento box lunches.  Anyone heard of them?  It is a Japanese technique of packing lunches on the go.  Of course traditionally they use all Japanese food and although I love exposing my babes to world foods, realistically I know they wont eat all of it and I dont know how to cook, well, any of it!  But then I discovered this website- bentolunch.  She makes bento lunches for her kids using 'American' kid food.  And Im really excited to start trying it out.  Of course the girls arent in school yet, but we bring lunch out to hubby quite often, so it will be the perfect time to pack up some cute lunches.

Yesterday I asked the girls to decorate clothespins and this morning I surprised them with snack mix butterflies.  Not bento, but cute anyway.  
We found these cute containers at the Dollar Tree.  They come 2 for $1 including a little spoon and come in maybe 6 different animals.   Once again, not traditional bento, but I thought they would contribute nicely to a cute lunch.  We filled them with jello.  I also think they will make cute little carriers for Bugs snacks when she goes to preschool in a couple weeks.  The babes love them!!
I've been working on my carrot flowers.  Little Bug started giggling when she figured out what I was creating.  I guess she liked it. :)


  1. oh my! bento's look like a lot of work! but soooo cute! and i can't believe your girl is going to preschool already, can you?!

  2. Bentos were big in Hawaii when we lived there. Fun!

  3. Janelle- Yes, they do look like a ton of work, but fun for special days or when Im bored! :)

    Betsy- I figured you would know about them since I heard they were very popular in Hawaii.

  4. Yes! Bentos are all over Hawaii-can't wait to see your creations! The carrot flowers are cute!

  5. Kim, an unrelated comment, but I was wondering if you have ever made Dutch currant rolls. Matt and his dad love them and are about to spend over a dollar for each roll, ordering them from that little dutch store in San Jose! I would love to make them for them and was wondering if you have tried any recipes?