Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oreo Jack-o-Lanterns

(Sorry in advance for the horrible pictures, they were all done in haste, especially the last ones as I was trying to snap one before any more disappeared)
 My brother brought his 4 kids over for dinner, fun and trick or treating.  We had a jack-o-lantern pizza, monster juice (kool-aid with pop rocks poured into each individual cup- it was fun and really noisy!), dessert with bugs in it (an applesauce dessert with raisin in it- my youngest niece, she's 3, didnt want any because she thought the "bugs" were real:)  And these jack-o-lantern oreos that the kids decorated. 
 I had dipped the oreos (I used double stuf) in orange chocolate candy melts the night before and put the chocolate dipped pretzel stem on.  So they were all ready to be turned into super cute jack-o-lanterns.  I thought the kids did a great job and they really seemed to have a lot of fun.  They were a hit!

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