Saturday, May 21, 2011


Wow, its been a reeeaally long time since I have posted anything on here!  Is anybody even reading this still?  Sheesh.  I just havent been into the whole baking thing lately.  Maybe its the warming weather, maybe its just a funk, maybe its because I have been more interested in crafting than baking lately.  Dont get me wrong, I'm still baking, but I do it more because I have to not because I want to necessarily, plus I haven't been taking pictures.  Oops.
Here's a couple of pictures of cakes I have made lately. This one was for my hubbys cousin for her birthday.  I really wish I had added a purple border around the top edge.  Dont you think that would have just finished it off better?  Oh well!
 And this next one is actually my little bugs creation.  She had her last day of preschool this week and to celebrate her finishing her first year of school (and not even sleeping there!- her words :), we made a cake at her request and her directions.  She chose the flavors- chocolate cake with cream filling and chocolate frosting.  She chose to make the frosting "fluffy" (as opposed to me smoothing it with a knife) and to put ruffles around the bottom edge (I thought I did a terrible job of making ruffles, but she thought it was great and thats all that matters).  Because we know from past experience that she can't yet manage a piping bag we decided that she could decorate the cake by drawing pictures (of herself, her school, her fish, a colossal squid), attaching them to toothpicks and sticking them in the cake (all clustered together of course).  It needed a little more color though so we pulled out those icing decorating tubes and she squiggled them around a bit.  She had a blast and was so proud of herself.  I think her favorite part was cracking the eggs, although it was more like 'popping the eggs open'! :)

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