Saturday, September 12, 2009

Raspberry Sauce

Phew! I thought there for a little while that summer was over early in Iowa. Im so glad to have a few more warm days before the fall chill sets in. And Im taking advantage of these warmer days by enjoying some summer favorites like ice cream cones, a fish fry, eating outside, bbqs and raspberry lemonade.
This raspberry sauce is as delicious as it is gorgeous!! And extremely simple!

Just take 6 oz. of fresh or frozen raspberries (both work equally well) and run it through a food processor (Im sure a blender would work too) with 1 Tablespoon of sugar until it is pureed.
Then mash it through a fine mesh sieve:
Keep mashing until all that is left are the seeds. (Thats my favorite part of this recipe- I hate seeds!):
And you are left with some very tasty raspberry sauce. It freezes very well, so dont worry if you can't use it all up. You can use it as a garnish for a fancy dessert, or as a layer in a cake (although you may want to thicken it up a bit by heating it with some cornstarch), or pour it over some pancakes, a dutch baby or some popovers like the girls and I did for lunch the other day, or as an ice cream topping. As you can see the possiblities are many! But my favorite way to use this sauce is to mix it into some lemonade to make raspberry lemonade- the best you will ever have, especially if you make the lemonade from scratch as well. Use anywhere from 1 Tbs.- 1/4 cup of sauce for a pitcher of lemonade, according to your preference.
Enjoy the taste of summer before its just a distant memory!!

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