Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunny and Flower Cupcakes

These are the cupcakes we made last year for Easter.  I didnt have a baking blog then, although some of you probably remember them from my other blog.  They were a lot of fun to make and Bug, who was two then, was even able to help dip the marshmallows in the sparkling pink sugar and make the faces.  You could use a number of different candies and decorations to create the face, but when we went to raid our cupboards all we found were chocolate chips and marshmallows.  It totally worked though! 
First you need to bake up your favorite cake mix or recipe.  We did white cake, divided the batter in half and colored one half yellow and the other half pink.  Put a little of one color in the cupcake liner and then top with the other color.  Bake as per instructions.
Then you need to frost it, once again with your favorite.  We used buttercream- you can find the recipe I use here

To make the bunnies:
-Take a large marshmallow, hold it horizontally and cut it into 5 pieces with a kitchen scissors, wiping it off between each cut to remove the sticky.
-Take two of the pieces of marshmallow and dip one side into a dish of colored sugar.  Place on top of a cupcake for the bunnies ears. 
-Place chocolate chips on for eyes. 
-Put two mini marshmallows underneath the eyes for cheeks.  If you have something on hand for a nose, like a pink jelly bean, that would be perfect. 
-Cut a miniature marshmallow in half vertically and place under the cheeks for buck teeth.

To make the flowers:
-Cut large marshmallows in 5 pieces as instructed above for the ears.  Dip each piece in colored sugar and place in a circle on a cupcake.
-Cut a mini marshmallow in half horizontally and dip the sticky side in colored sugar.  Place it in the middle of the flower.