Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Blogs for your Appetites Pleasure

I updated the list of other sweet blogs I follow over to the right.  I took away a couple that I never look at anymore.  And added a few new great ones that I really enjoy.  Two of them, The Sister's Cafe and Coleen's Recipes have great no frills recipes that are completely doable. 
The Pioneer Woman is very popular in the baking blogging world and some of you probably already discovered her.  I really enjoy reading her posts and her food looks amazing.  Although in the year that I have been reading her I've only tried a few of her recipes.  Hmm...not sure why.  I think that it may be that her 'everyday' recipes are just different than my style of 'everyday' recipes.  But the ones I did try were yummy. 
The last one I added is Our Best Bites.  I consider this one a belated Christmas present to you all.  I love them!  Along with Mel's Kitchen, this one is one of my favorites to check for new and terrific recipes.  They never disappoint.  I'v tried so many of their recipes, from dinners to desserts and have loved them all. 
I hope you enjoy all the wonderful new sites and recipes!  Get Baking!

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  1. mmmmm! i checked out "our best bites" and thing these: look amazing! have you tried 'em?? oh and GOOD NEWS: I found powdered sugar at Trader Joe's that has NO CORNSTARCH! YAY!!!! now i can make peanut butter bars :)