Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pretzel Candy

 Im guessing that most of you have either made these yourself or at least eaten them, so this is no revolutionary idea.  But, I found that I LOVE this candy!  And although it is delicious, the real reason I love them is because my little babes can make them COMPLETELY by themselves (except for putting them in and taking them out of the oven.)  They LOVE that they can bake all by themselves, and I love that they CAN'T mess them up!  Yes, Im a little controlling in the kitchen! 
A great recipe to either do with your kids or have them do if you need them out of your hair for a few minutes!
Heres how it went down:
*First the babes unwrapped all the kisses (or rolos, or any number of flavored kisses, we did the caramel kisses last time)
*Then they had to sort out the green and red m&ms because I forgot to buy the holiday ones
*Next came placing a round "wreath" pretzel on a cookie sheet, we put them on parchment paper, but Im not totally sure that was necessary. 
*Then they placed a kiss in the middle of each pretzel.
*This went in the oven for a couple min. (recipes vary- I think the first time we did it I had the oven at maybe 200 degrees and it took 3-4 min.  The next time I had the oven at 250 degrees and it only took about a min.)  Basically you just want the chocolate soft and shiny, but you dont want it to lose its shape.  You can take it out of the oven and push an m&m in to test how soft it is.
*Push an m&m into the middle of each kiss and press down gently so that the chocolate smooshes to touch the pretzel all around.
*Allow to cool completely


  1. Not only have I never made these, I've never tasted or seen them before! Cute though! And look at Madi's long, pretty eyelashes!!

  2. Janelle- Hey, Im glad to have introduced you to them then! They are that yummy combo of sweet and salty. You will have to give them a try when Hannah is a little older.