Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cones

 What a fun and simple way to spruce up some plain sugar cones!  Just like the ice cream shop!  The girls enjoyed helping me dip and it was a nice way to use up some random sprinkles.  My hubby is not a fan of white chocolate and I am not a fan of eating sprinkles so we made some dark chocolate dipped ones for us and we will leave the colorful, sprinkled ones to the girls! 
 There is no real technique to this.  I melted some leftover candy melts, they come in numerous colors.  But chocolate chips would work just as well, or maybe peanut butter chips, yum!  First I spooned a bit down into the bottom of the cone, as you can see in the picture above (with a stray sprinkle in it).  Then I dipped the tops into the chocolate, let it drip off a bit then dipped it into a dish of sprinkles.  I let mine dry propped in bowls.  The girls can't wait to eat their pink ice cream in their purple, sprinkle ice cream cones tonight!

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