Sunday, September 5, 2010

Girl baby shower cakes

I was excited when I was asked to make a cake for my hubby's cousin's baby shower.  Especially since they had never even tasted or seen any of my cakes before!  Now that's going out on a limb! :)  I hope I didnt disappoint!  But it was going to be a big crowd and I dont have big bakery size pans so I made two. 
The round one is a four layer white cake with a lemon truffle filling, lemon curd topping and whipped cream frosting.  I thinks its about my favorite cake.  I posted the recipe in an earlier post- here
This rectangle one is a white cake with a pastry cream filling and creamy white frosting.  I was going for a somewhat traditional look that was soft and pretty and girly (since it was their first girl after two boys).  Of course it never turns out quite as gorgeous on the cake as it does in my head!  I made two trays of flowers, and about 16 butterflies.  Yeah, a little overkill!  But hey I need the practice and you just never know what might happen to some of them.


  1. These baby shower cakes as well as the birthday ones you just posted are so nice! You did a superb job on the handwriting- I'm so impatient when it comes to writing on a cake.

    I'd love the recipe for the lemon cake if you 'd like to share. It sounds like something my mother would adore! THanks!

    ~MOnica H

  2. Monica- Thank you so much! It's funny because in real life I have HORRIBLE handwriting, not sure why it turns out decent on a cake! Ha Ha! I had posted the lemon cake earlier, I suppose I should have mentioned that in these posts. Sorry. I would do a handy dandy little link in this comment to make it easy for you to find it, but I dont know how. You can find it under the category 'cakes'. I will go back and put a link to it in each of these cake posts also. It actually came from recipe girl. If your mom loves lemon, she really will adore this cake!

  3. I love the chocolate butterflies. How did you master them?