Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kitty Cat Cupcakes

One of the other contributors to this blog is posting today- my little Bug.  It was her very first day of preschool today, so I asked her what special treat she would like in celebration.  She picked  white cupcakes with white frosting and settled on wanting them decorated like kitties.  No big surprise since she is slightly obbsessed with cats right now since we have 10 of them (6 of them only a month old). 
She did all the decorating, except fo the two she asked me to do with her.  She even plated and photographed them herself.  If you look closely at this picture you will see her tongue sticking out while she concentrates on putting on that ear- just like her mama and grandma do! :) 
Umm, her favorite cat was her messiest one!  Go figure!  She said it was silly.  Im afraid she is going to be the class clown, thanks to her daddy!
Then she complained that her "arms are too tired" and couldnt possibly make another cat, so she opted to finish the rest with leftover floweres and butterflies from the baby shower cakes.
FYI- the cats decorations are as follows:
the eyes and nose are m&m's
the ears are wafer cookies cut into triangles with a serrated knife
the whiskers are pull and peel twizzlers
the mouth are chocolate jimmies

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