Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cookie Pizza

 The girls and I have been in the house, with the exception of going to church on Sunday morning, for almost a week straight.  Ha!  Yes, I am not a big outdoorsy person!  Plus we had a snow storm blow through the other night and preschool was cancelled.  So needless to say we are all starting to feel a little antsy and a bit cranky.  Time for a project.  I wanted to make some crayons by melting some of our old ones, but, huh, can't find them.  Wierd.  So we made a cookie pizza instead. 
 The girls really enjoyed the whole process- from mixing the dough to eating the cookie slice- and it was a great morning activity.  
*I think this would make a great valentine by shaping the dough into a heart and writing a love message (great for older kids to practice piping or just use those gel writers) on it or decorating it in pink and red. 

I really liked that the dough was so easy to work with and the girls were able to press it into a circle without any sticking at all!  What I didn't love was that the "crust" , the outer one inch of the pizza cookie, was really crunchy.  But the majority of the pizza stayed nice and soft, so I guess its only a minor complaint.
Cookie Pizza
*We used the recipe for Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies that you can find HERE.  We left out the chocolate chips and pressed it into a circle on our pizza stone.  We baked it for about 25 min. 
*After it cooled the girls spread on a chocolate peanut butte mixture: 3/4 c. chocolate chips and 1/4 cup peanut butter, melted together.
*While the chocolate layer was still warm the girls sprinkled on M&Ms, peanut butter chips and sprinkles.
*Finally, we drizzled some melted pink candy melts over the top.

-The options here are only limited by your imagination.  You can put anything in the cookie part, like chocolate chips, nuts, etc.
The "sauce" layer can be plain chocolate, frosting, etc.
Go crazy with the toppings- marshmallows, coconut, chopped candy bars, raisins, etc.

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  1. My favorite part is that you did it in the morning, and got to eat cookie-pizza so early :)