Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Birthday Cupcakes

It was little T-ster's first birthday yesterday. I had a lot of fun decorating cupcakes for her. I thought about going the fun, colorful little kid route, but attempting these chocolate butterflies was just too alluring. I was happy with the results of my "flowers". I used the recipe for the buttercream frosting that I posted earlier. I am still looking for some great by scratch cake recipes, but have not yet found one that I love, so for these I just used a box yellow cake mix.
I piped chocalte candy melts into butterfly shaped wings. After they dried I carefully peeled them up (I lost a few of them- I should have made them thicker) Then I piped a thick line for the body of the butterfly and propped the wings up into the body and let it dry.
The yellow cupcakes were made by piping with the star tip (wilton #32) all over and then placing mini chocolate chips in the middle.
The purple ones were done with the grass tip (wilton #233). And then dotted with pink.
The green ones were also done with the grass tip. Then I placed flowers on them. The yellow flowers were made by rotating the star tip as I pressed to give it a swirled look. The purple flowers were made by piping "layers" of the grass tip on top of each other. I piped them both onto a tray and put them in the freezer so they were simple to move around. And then I placed a butterfly on some of the green ones.
Happy Birthday little T!


  1. Amazing! Where did you get the idea for those butterflies? You're so talented :)

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  3. thingthataremade- Thank you! The idea came from a combination of my own thoughts and inspiration from other amazing food bloggers.

    Deanna- Thank you. The butterflies were made with melted candy melts. You can get them in a lot of different colors at Michaels.

  4. the butterflies turned out great...nice work!

  5. You AND shellie went buck-wild with first-birthday-cupcakes! Did you see hers?? (perhaps they'll provide some more inspiration too :)

  6. I have made ones that were filled in, but never open, they are really cute!


  7. Love the butterfly cupcakes! I think I might make them for my daughter's birthday this Spring!

  8. Kim- Thank you! I liked the way these looked, but I bet the filled in ones would be much more sturdy and I wouldnt have lost so many! :)

    Melissa- Thank you! You should try them, they were a lot of work, but really fun and I think the presentation is impressive! :)